Eric Painter of Texas: Architectural Trends to Watch in 2022

Eric Painter of Texas has watched architectural trends come and go throughout the years, including the obsession with “neutral” colors that persist within the design industry. As 2022 progresses, he expects many of these trends to stay similar, progressing, or disappearing, while others take their places. Here’s what he’s expecting throughout the year in the architectural world.

Eric Painter of Texas: Top 2022 Architectural Trends

The architectural world is one of constant change, Eric Painter of Texas says, though these changes may not occur from one year to the next. What he means by that statement is that architectural trends often stay stable throughout several years, with various changes in their implementation bringing new ideas and concepts that can create the newest and boldest trends 10 years later.

First, he imagines that the industrial style is likely to start fading out a little during 2022, as it has been around for several years already. That doesn’t mean it’s going to go away. Instead, you can imagine more symmetry to this style, a bit more professionalism, less reliance on plastic. Expect this trend to move towards brick and wood, instead, along with recycled metal like aluminum.

The simple lines, basic concepts, and minimal surface elements may remain popular in this movement for some time. That’s because it’s really only hitting its peak in recent years and has yet to see a blowback. The architectural world is like any creative field: things move in cycles. Eventually, a return to more elaborate styles will occur. But not yet, at least not in 2022 anyway.

On the same note, Eric Painter of Texas states that open and multipurpose spaces are going to stay strong in 2022 and far beyond. He could honestly see this trend staying current for many years or even indefinitely. It’s hard not to stick with open spaces in design concepts because they simply provide more diverse options for homeowners and create easier-to-adjust designs as well.

He expects that more multipurpose designs will become common, such as living rooms that also work as home theater areas, spare bedrooms, and even dining rooms. Anticipate multipurpose designs on home exteriors with porches also being used for storage sheds and much more. While this trend may get tiresome in the next five years, it’ll be still hip and chic in 2022 and at least for the next few years.

What about the tiny house movement? Have people given up on that yet? Eric Painter of Texas doesn’t think so. He believes that the enormous wave of interest from five years ago has died down a little, though, that period when everybody and their mother wanted a tiny house. At this point, it’s going to be limited to those people who truly want one and not those grabbing onto a fad.

Perhaps not surprisingly, he also anticipates that smart homes and automation will remain huge in architecture, particularly in tiny homes. With houses that compress so many living possibilities in such a small space, automation and smart options (like automatic under-bed storage shelves and security systems) will remain popular throughout 2022 and beyond.