Darcy Bergen Discusses the Restricted Application Retirement Strategy

Darcy Bergen recently discussed the Restricted Application retirement strategy and how it could work for you.

PEORIA, AZ / Some retirement age individuals might be missing out on some major benefits. Financial advisor Darcy Bergen recently discussed the “Restricted Application” retirement strategy and how it could benefit individuals over the age of 66 considering retirement.

The Restricted Application allows an individual to collect half of his or her spouse’s full Social Security benefit without having to open their own Social Security record. This allows the individual to earn an 8 percent credit on his or her retirement age benefit from the age of 66 to 70. The individual would then switch to his or her benefit at the age of 70.

“The major benefit is that during these four years, the individual can receive a 32 percent increase,” Darcy Bergen said. “However, it’s not available to everyone. This unique strategy was eliminated in the bipartisan budget act of 2015.”

Darcy Bergen explained this means the strategy is only available to a small portion of individuals born on or before Jan. 1, 1954. He added that there are three more pieces of information individuals considering using this strategy must understand. They are as follows:

  • You must be of retirement age to take advantage (66). 
  • Your spouse must already have opened his or her retirement record and is currently claiming Social Security benefits.
  • A divorced individual can also take advantage of this strategy. However, the marriage must have lasted at least 10 years. The individual can not be remarried.

“I advise individuals to pursue this strategy one step at a time,” Bergen said. “Begin by checking that you meet the age criteria, then understand your spouse’s Social Security benefits and so on. It can be especially helpful to speak with a financial advisor about whether this strategy could work for you.”

Bergen explained that he has helped numerous clients locate additional income that can greatly help their families in retirement age. He and his team have the knowledge needed to find which benefits individuals may be missing.

“The most important aspect of filing for retirement benefits is to know your options before you complete filing,” Darcy Bergen concluded. “Filing before understanding your options could cause you to miss out on major benefits. You’ve worked tirelessly for this money, and you deserve all that you can receive in retirement.”

Bergen encouraged individuals in or nearing retirement age to contact DBA Bergen Financial Group to speak with a licensed professional about possible retirement strategies and benefits. Bergen has been in financial planning for decades. He entered the investment business at the age of 24 and began Clear Solutions LLC, DBA Bergen Financial Group in 2003. Bergen became a licensed fiduciary in 2015.

Darcy Bergen and his team currently practice in Peoria, Arizona. Contact them at (602) 652-2665 to set up an appointment and discuss your possible retirement benefits. Bergen and his strategists are also available to handle financial planning needs for clients of all ages, whether near retirement age or not.

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